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< E3 die neue Eagle, ab sofort lieferbar in Grenadill und Birne gebeizt
15.09.2016 10:05 Age: 3 yrs

E3 the new Eagle, know available in grenadilia an pear stained

The exceptional E3 alto recorder came into being as the result of a search for a unique alto recorder and the cooperation between Adriana Breukink, Geri Bollinger and the recorder manufacture Küng.

The wide bore, the metal labium, the octave key for the high registers and the key system with e’ foot extension provide for a full and powerful sound.
To allow for ensemble playing with modern instruments, the E3 has a strong lower register and a chromatic range of over 2½ octaves.

Discover the potential of the E3 alto recorder.


  • Powerful sound, suitable for modern orchestral instruments
  • Chromatic intonation in A = 442Hz
  • Octave key for high registers
  • Key system for e', f', and f#'