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MARSYAS - The pure and elegant «flauto dolce»

MARSYAS recorders are characterised by a colourful sound (even with gentle blowing pressure) and the effortless response of the high register. Its sound is very elegant and fine, singing and sweet. A «flauto dolce» in the truest sense of the word.

  • The sopranos MARSYAS are very fine and elegant sounding instruments and have an astonishing flexibility and strength in their sound.
  • Even with low blowing pressure you will hear a very colourful sound on the altos MARSYAS. Its sound spectrum ranges from warm to brillant, the sound itself remains elegant. The attack and speech of the altos is as well very easy, therefore these altos are very popular with amateur players.
  • The tenors have a bearing and sonorous sound. The bottom notes are very stable even though the tenor is not fitted with keys. The sound is round, warm and quite close.