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Music Famous recorder players and recorder ensembles play Küng recorders.

ANDAMOS Ernest Hiltenbrand - was premiered on 09/11/11.

The young generation with the folklora (Radio DRS 1 Live recording occasion confederate Folk Music Festival in Chur, starring Oliver Marti / soprano recorder in b ', the so-called Folklora)

Pia Palme, Vienna, plays the SUPERIO subbass Pia Palme from Vienna is an enthusiastic player of the Küng subbasses since many years.

In October 2007 she got the new SUPERIO and is very happy with it.

Listen to a piece, recorded at a live performance (Ladie's Crime Night), amplified with a micro and a pickup for the keys, and also sung through the thumbhole.

Pia Palme, Vienna, plays the SUPERIO subbass
Pia Palme, Vienna, plays the SUPERIO subbass

Maurice Steger Since many years award-winning Maurice Steger has been working together with us.

In his concerts for children he mainly plays the Küng STUDIO soprano and alto recorders.

Here is a piece by Vivaldi.

Maurice Steger

QNG - Quartet New Generation - low The well-known QNG - Quartet New Generation - records a Mozart piece with the low Küng SUPERIO recorders.

A commission of Küng for the celebrations of their 75 anniversary

A commission of Kung for the celebrations of their 75 anniversary.

This is the QNG 's statement to the subbass: “The subbass is an absolute enrichment of our previous instruments. No matter how many recorders we have with us, the subbass needs to be taken with them on all their tour. It can be played in every repertory, together with renaissance instruments, in a choral, a tango or in a contemporary piece of music. It is an amazing basis.”

Piers Adams plays the bass SUPERIO Piers Adams likes to play on the SUPERIO bass.

Piers Adams plays the bass 2601 SUPERIO

Here is what he says:

In my opinion, there is no better bass recorder on the market than the top-range 'knick' bass made by Kung recorders - a wonderfully throbbing sound.

Piers Adams March 2003

Tino Flautino, a music story for children by Maurice Steger

Maurice Steger playing the Allegro from Baston's concerto no. 2 with a STUDIO soprano in pear during the recordings for TINO FLAUTINO, the famous music story for children.

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