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SPECIALS recorder - K4 Alto in f'

The K4 alto recorder convinces with its space-filling sound with a strong sonority in high and deep pitch.

K4 stands for:

  • P.I. Bressan, for the drilling profile of the recorder and the luxurious design
  • Ernst Meyer, Maître Flutier, for the extra wide diapason and the unique voicing
  • Maurice Steger, the masterly soloist and conductor
  • Küng, the manufacturer who combines high quality with traditional hand craft
Artikel 7401 - K4 Alto in f’, pear stained

Data for Recorder SPECIALS - K4 Alto in f’

wood & price

type of woodarticlesoundCHF EURO
K4 castello boxwood stained7413free, open, powerfull, balanced1326.00 1225.00
K4 European boxwood7416free, open, powerfull, balanced2246.00 2041.00

characteristics & details:

characteristics            details
pitcha' = 443 Hz
blowing pressure strong, high air speed
fingering easy, baroque fingering
length  46.6 cm
weight ca. 188g
outer shape according Bressan
block height high
bore wide high baroque measure
treatment inside paraffin
treatment outside mat lacquer