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Recorders SPECIALS - K4 Alto in f’

K4 - The powerful alto recorder for demanding players

Unique and convincing with space-filling sound

K4 stands for:    

  • P.I. Bressan, for the drilling profile of the recorder and the luxurious design
  • Ernst Meyer, Maître Flutier, for the extra wide diapason and the unique voicing
  • Maurice Steger, the masterly soloist and conductor
  • Küng, the manufacturer who combines high quality with traditional hand craft

Originated from this cooperation, the K4 alto recorder convinces with its space-filling sound with a strong sonority in high and deep pitch. It is an ideal instrument for players who love an open, free sound.

This extraordinary alto recorder has been developed in a long-lasting collaboration with Ernst Meyer and clearly stands out compared with the recorders built so far. 

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Recorders SPECIALS - E3 Alto in f'

E3 - The alto recorder with an e’ foot extension

The exceptional E3 alto recorder came into being as the result of a search for a unique alto recorder.

The wide bore, the metal labium, the octave key for the high registers and the key system with e' foot extension provide for a full and powerful sound. To allow for ensemble playing with modern instruments, the E3 has a strong lower register and a chromatic range of over 2½ octaves. 


  • Powerful sound, suitable for modern orchestral instruments
  • Chromatic intonation in A = 442Hz Octave
  • Key for high registers
  • Key system for e', f', and f#'

Discover the potential of the E3 alto recorder.

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