Recorders for beginners

Küng offers a wide range of recorders, from Sopranino and Soprano to Alto and Tenor, for beginners and for people returning to the instrument. All models are made of local wood in our manufactory.

The recorder is one of the most popular instruments for beginners of any age group. Apart from the popular Soprano recorder, however, Alto or even Tenor recorders are also suitable for learning to play the recorder.

The Küng STUDIO series in particular is tailored to the needs of beginners. The models are comfortable to grip and have a beautiful sound. The wide windway is less likely to clog with saliva, while the finger holes are drilled for easy gripping and spaced more closely than in other series.

All Küng STUDIO recorders are made of soft local woods. This makes each of our recorders not only a unique instrument, but also a sustainable product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wood are ideal for a beginner’s recorder?

All recorders in the STUDIO series - the most common choice for beginners - are made from local, soft woods, such as maple or pear. These softer woods give the recorder a warm, golden sound. The sound quality of the wood is not the most important criterion for a beginner’s record. The focus lies rather on uncomplicated handling and easy care.

What’s important for the handling of a recorder?

One reason for the popularity of the recorder as a beginner's instrument is that it requires little maintenance.

We recommend that you warm the recorder head to breathing temperature in warm hands before playing. After playing, blow out the recorder head and let it dry outside the case. It is best to use the recorder case only for transporting the recorder.

How much does a beginner’s recorder cost?

The price depends on the size of the instrument. A tenor recorder, for example, is more expensive than a soprano flute. The soprano recorder is the most common beginner's instrument and ranges in price - depending on the type of wood - from 100 to 150 francs. With Küng recorders, service is included in the purchase price for the first year.