About us

For more than 80 years, Küng Blockflöten have been meeting the highest demands in terms of sound, quality, and detail. We aim to continue to inspire professionals as well as beginners with our manufactory, by developing the best instruments for every need.


We are proud of being a Swiss family-owned business in the third generation. This awareness is reflected every day in our craftsmanship and in every single one of our musical instruments.


The name of Küng represents a special standard in sound, quality, and detail alike. This passion unites the personalities of our team to permit outstanding performance.


Our urge to explore new paths permeates our corporate history as a common theme. This innovative spirit is going to continue to help us develop the best instrument for every need in future as well.

Küng Blockflöten – The Manufactory 

Küng Blockflöten has been producing the popular wooden instruments in an old villa in Schaffhausen for more than 80 years. The various members of the recorder family are produced by hand and using modern precision machines. Hundreds of wood blanks of many different tree types – ranging from native woods to exotic species – are stored in the building’s basement for years until they are ready for further processing into recorders.


We have no vacancies at the moment. However, we are always interested in talented specialists. Please submit your unsolicited application to  info@kueng-blockfloeten.ch.info@kueng-blockfloeten.ch.