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We offer comprehensive service to let you enjoy your Küng recorder for as long as possible. We are always available to you and your recorder in case of a warranty claim or if your recorder sounds hoarse, as well as for any other questions concerning care, repairs, and maintenance.

We want to make you completely happy with your recorder to make it your companion for many years. However, since a recorder is “alive”, its sound may change over time. Proper care, handling of the instrument, and, of course, regular playing will keep your recorder in shape for a long time, to delight you with its sound. The following care advice explains in detail what to do for your recorder.

Recorder care advice

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How do I have to break in a recorder?

Make sure your recorder has reached body temperature before playing in order to avoid condensation while playing.

We recommend that you play for 10 – 20 minutes a day for the first three weeks, then slowly increase the playing time. Play all registers from the beginning. Also remember to always blow out the instrument well and let it dry before storing it in the case. Protect the instrument from heat (sun and heating).

After a longer break from playing of several months, we recommend that you break in the instrument again.

When should a Küng recorder be revised?

It all depends on the condition of the instrument. Often a recorder needs an overhaul of the block after prolonged use or the break-in period.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Does a Küng recorder need oiling?

In general, our recorders are impregnated during manufacture and are therefore well protected. By oiling the inner bore, the sound of the instrument can be slightly improved.

Why is my recorder sounding hoarse?

If a flute sounds hoarse, this can have different reasons. The most common is when the instrument has not been preheated to body temperature and therefore condensation has formed. Until the block in front is completely wet, hoarseness can be normal. However, if there are particles of dirt or raised wood fibres in the windway, or oil in the labial area, we recommend sending the instrument to us for service.

Why is my recorder no longer sounding good?

There may be different reasons for this: 

  • Sharp, pointed sound = block sits too high.
  • Dull, noisy sound = block sits too low
  • Dull sound = dirt in the windway, crack in the instrument or damaged labium.

In all cases, please send in the recorder and we will check and repair your instrument.

Why is the windway growing mould?

Most likely, the recorder was stored away in the case when it was still damp and therefore could not dry completely. Remember to always blow out the instrument carefully and let it dry.


We are offering you a two-year warranty against defects of material or craftsmanship when you purchase a Küng recorder. Damage or defects resulting from improper handling are excluded. Please enclose the purchase receipt or completed service card.


You can drop off your instrument directly at our manufactory or mail it in a parcel to the respective address (Switzerland or Europe). Please pack your recorder securely for repair shipments and include a brief description of the defect.

Küng Blockflöten GmbH

Grabenstrasse 3
8200 Schaffhausen

+41 52 630 09 99+41 52 630 09 99

Küng Europe 574623

Hohenkrähenstrasse 22
79798 Jestetten

+49 7745 919701+49 7745 919701

Calls to this number will be forwarded to Schaffhausen at our expense.


Are you uncertain of whether your recorder is defective or if you are looking at a warranty case? In this case, it is best to contact us and tell us about your situation. We are confident that we can find a solution that will let you enjoy your recorder again soon.

Stefan Küng

Managing director