Rehearsal studio

Which recorder suits me and my playing? You can compare our recorder models, try them out, and buy them in our Küng rehearsal studio.

Many questions need to be answered when choosing the right recorder. What does it sound like? What does it feel like and what does it look like from up close?

You can pick up any of our recorder models in the Küng rehearsal studio to try them out. Experience the sound of bass and great bass, discover the different wood grains, or compare various designs. Maybe the bent tenor recorder suits you better than a conventional one?

Another advantage of our rehearsal studio is that usually all models from our recorder range are in stock, allowing you to buy your favourite recorder and take it home with you right away. If you wish, we will gladly give you a brief tour of our manufactory, too.

Schedule an appointment

Give us a call or drop us a line to schedule an appointment in the Küng rehearsal studio. This will ensure that your desired recorder model is available.

Stefan Küng

Managing director

Experience Schaffhausen

Why not combine your visit to the Küng Blockflöten manufactory with a day trip to Schaffhausen? The oriel town has a number of sights beyond the famous Rhine Falls.Rhine Falls. For example, you may visit the Munot fortress high above the city and the river Rhine.Munot fortress high above the city and the river Rhine. The Museum zu AllerheiligenMuseum zu Allerheiligen can teach you more about archaeology, history, art, and nature.

Our managing director Stefan Küng particularly recommends visiting the Kammgarn Areal,Kammgarn Areal, where concerts and many other events for any age group are hosted. If the weather is good, you can cool off in the RhybadiRhybadi and then drop by the El Bertin GelateriaEl Bertin Gelateria for a cup of ice cream. The adventurous-minded can visit the high rope course,high rope course, and lovers of music should check out the Jazz Festival,Jazz Festival, the Bach Festival,Bach Festival, or the Music Island Rheinau.Music Island Rheinau.