Recorders for ensembles

Küng offers several models for playing music together in an ensemble. Some specific models of the SUPERIO and STUDIO series blend perfectly with other instruments and timbres.

In an ensemble, the sound of the entire group is what counts, rather than that of a single player. Nevertheless, every player has a certain sonic responsibility towards their colleagues. Recorders particularly suitable for ensembles often have dark, warm sound characteristics. They blend perfectly with the other instruments, contributing to a harmonious overall sound of the ensemble.

This makes the Bass, Greatbass, and Subbass recorders of our SUPERIO series ideal for ensembles, as they have a powerful and dark sound. The lighter Soprano recorder of the STUDIO series opens up an interesting tonal perspective for an ensemble and permits a clear expression as well.

Recommended models

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a dark, warm sound produced in a recorder?

Especially in ensembles, dark and warm sound characteristics are in demand, because they blend into a melodious whole. On the one hand, these timbres result from the construction of the recorder, but they are also due to the types of wood. In this case, soft woods such as pearwood or maple are often used.

Are there any group discounts offered?

In general, there aren’t any group discounts. But for a larger request we are happy to make a special offer. Please feel free to contact uscontact us.

Are there any pure recorder ensembles?

Pure recorder ensembles are becoming increasingly popular, as the many different timbres and characteristics together offer a unique listening experience. Original pieces are now being written specifically for this variety of sound.