Recorders for music schools

For years, the recorder has been considered the ideal introduction to the world of music making. However, only a few people know that there is a much wider spectrum of recorder types to be discovered - besides the soprano recorder - in all possible facets and demands for music students.

The recorder family is often underestimated. In fact, it ranges from the small garklein recorder just a few centimetres in size, to the two-metre-tall subbass. This range offers variety and makes the recorder interesting not only to young music students, but also to curious advanced students striving to move beyond the popular soprano recorder.

Küng Bockflöten instruments are built for long service lives. Even the large models are built very sturdily and come in a wide range of timbres. In combination, this makes Küng Blockflöten the ideal partner for music schools where instruments are concerned. Our recorders can also be combined well with each other, allowing advanced students to use them in school ensembles.

Our proximity as a Swiss recorder manufacturer is a special advantage for music schools. They may rely on quick and reliable service when maintenance or repairs are necessary.

Recommended models

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special discounts available for music schools?

Please contact us directly with your inquiry, so we can make you an individual offer.

What makes recorders such as the Greatbass or Subbass interesting for music schools?

Great and subbasses are captivativating due to their beautiful and powerful sound. Because of  their size, they are rarely found, yet they form the basis for a melodious recorder ensemble. The great and subbass impressively demonstrate how large and diverse the recorder family is.

Are there any special services available for music schools?

Music schools benefit from a professional contact in Switzerland and the reliable and fast service from the Küng manufactory.