Recorders for professionals

Professional musicians usually have a very special relationship with their instruments. In particular recorders for soloists must live up to the highest demands. They must be durable while reflecting personal style and character.

Demanding players and professional soloists looking for an exceptional instrument will find a wide variety of products at Küng Blockflöten. Those who appreciate a dark and round timbre should consider our SUPERIO recorders. In contrast to them, the MARSYAS series stands out with its bright, clear and elegant tone.

Extravagant wishes can be fulfilled by the K4 from our SPECIAL series, a unique alto recorder developed by Küng Blockflöten in years of collaboration with Ernst Meyer and soloist Maurice Steger. We have no doubt that you will also find your ideal recorder here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a professional recorder so special?

Recorders for soloists are designed to be played for a long time and to have great tonal range and dynamic expressiveness. Hard woods are usually used for construction, which make the flute durable, but also give it a unique character. This makes playing more demanding and makes clean response more difficult, which is not ideal for beginners.

Does Küng Blockflöten cooperate with professional musicians?

Inputs from professional soloists, dealers and other recorder enthusiasts are of big importance. We are happy to implement special customer requests and find an individual solution.

Where can I get personal advice?

Küng recorders combines expertise and craftsmanship in one manufacture - strengthened by years of experience. We will be happy to advise you personally on site in our rehearsal studiorehearsal studio, by phonephone or by e-maile-mail.