The Alto recorder is the big sister of the Soprano recorder. Due to its powerful, deep, and warm sound, it is particularly popular for concerts and often used as a solo instrument. Küng Blockflöten produces several versions of Alto recorders, including two very unusual models.

The Alto recorder is often referred to as the “flauto dolce” in classical literature, inspired by its warm, velvety sweet sound. It is a lot more pleasant in sound than the Soprano recorder. As a result, the Alto recorder is often used as a solo instrument. With its rich, colorful playing, it is popular among professionals as well as beginners. The Alto recorder is less suitable for small children, however, since the finger holes are spaced wider apart and may be hard for small hands to reach.

We recommend our STUDIO Alto recorders for beginners, while advanced players might prefer instruments from the SUPERIO or MARSYAS ranges. The specially designed K4 and E3 recorders are particularly exceptional. They both stand out with their unique sound characteristics.