The Soprano recorder is probably the best-known recorder of all. It is used at home in ensembles, orchestras, and schoolrooms and is manufactured by Küng Blockflöten in numerous versions. This way, advanced musicians as well as students will find the right Soprano recorder for them.

The Soprano recorder often is the instrument of choice for beginners taking up their first instrument. Its easy handling introduces beginners easily to the world of music, note reading, and rhythm theory. Since the finger holes on the recorder, which is about 30 centimetres long, are easy to grip, it is a good choice for children as well. The Küng STUDIO series offers solidly processed recorders for beginners.

Professional musicians appreciate the high and clear sound of a high-quality Soprano recorder. The SUPERIO and MARSYAS series contain a wide range of recorders for demanding musicians. We recommend the Folklora Soprano recorder, tuned one note lower, to friends of Swiss folk music.