Boundaries are there to be pushed every now and then. Trying out new things and moving away from the tried and tested leads to true innovations. This is why we at Küng Blockflöten like to apply great patience and passion to tinkering with the recorders of our SPECIALS series.

You can find true gems of unique, out-of-the-ordinary recorders among the SPECIALS recorders from the Küng Blockflöten manufactory.

Our K4 Alto recorder was developed in the course of years of cooperation with recorder maker Ernst Meyer and musician Maurice Steger. With its well-balanced sound across all registers, it is particularly suitable for players who love an open, free, and colourful sound character.

Our E3 also stands out with its voluminous, powerful sound. Its looks differ greatly from any other baroque model, however. With this alto recorder we have created an innovative, modern instrument with a metal labium and octave key for the high registers.

We produce the Folklora soprano recorder in b’ for fans of Swiss folk music. It is an entire tone lower than the c’ soprano recorder, making it appear much darker and more powerful by default.