The recorders of the SUPERIO series are extremely popular with advanced players and soloists. Their sound offers a great musical scope, enabling dynamic, finely accentuated tunes.

Any size from Sopranino to Subbass is represented in the SUPERIO series of Küng Blockflöten. Most models are made of local woods. The Soprano and Alto are also available in exotic woods.

Their rich, full sound and dynamic playing makes SUPERIO recorders a popular choice, in particular among professional musicians and soloists. The curved windway carefully and precisely carved by master craftsmen produces a distinctive sound.

The Bass, Greatbass, and Subbass recorders have the most sonorous, round, and clear sound. In addition to use in professional soloist playing, they are extremely popular in ensembles. In spite of their dimensions, the large recorders can be played comfortably while sitting or standing. Their agility in the high and low registers alike is remarkable.